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How we do it

The way we work is driven by:

1) Demonstrating adaptive leadership through our core values

2) Practicing dynamic teaming through our multi-disciplinary network of experts

Our Values



We get under the skin of complex challenges. We join the dots when others can't, crafting the innovative interventions that enable organizations and individuals to carve out their edge.


We insist on bringing together diverse voices. By looking beyond the usual influencers when diagnosing your challenges and providing a non-judgemental space for active listening, we are able to achieve impact from meaningful inclusion.



We hold up a mirror to what exists. We unlock opportunities for a more authentic and deliberate future that goes with the grain of your strengths, values, and sense of purpose.

We uphold our core values in everything we do. We are Creative, Connected, Conscious and Curious by nature. We bring these values to life through our work, enabling organizations and leaders to unlock the opportunities that aren't immediately obvious.

We don't know what we don't know. So we ask the important questions, teasing out hidden insights to tackle blockers and enable greater awareness toward a solution.

Our Network of Experts


When it comes to teaming we are unapologetically adaptive. We have a network of experts, bringing together different specialisms to create unique opportunities for our clients. 

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Nicole is a leadership coach and business psychologist with nearly 20 years of cross-industry experience developing leaders, teams, and workplace culture. Her approach combines research with practical experience and compassion to cut through complexity and develop strategies for managing ambiguity.

Leadership Coach & Business Psychologist

Nicole Brigandi

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James specialises in coaching teams and individuals passionate about their mission and determined to make the world a better place.  His work with teams enables them to find new ways of having conversations to enable improved connection and performance. With individuals he supports them to find their own path and see how their unique talents can be brought to bear on any challenge they face.

Team Coach

James Bianco

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Robbie is a leadership coach and host of The Coach's Journey Podcast. He specialises in supporting leaders in complex roles, bringing frameworks and ideas from across the fields of psychology, leadership and business.

Leadership Coach

Robbie Swale

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Ingrid guides CXO's to the core of the change issues they seek to address by bringing clear process and structure to unravel even the most complex situations. She applies psychological principles and design thinking to her approach for effective organisational change.

Change Specialist

Ingrid Facius

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Charlotte is a coach, change consultant and yoga teacher who helps people connect with their passions and develop the confidence to make change happen. Her approach combines strategic problem-solving with empathy and experience of managing anxiety and burnout. 

Coach & Change Consultant

Charlotte Evanson

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Phil is a master coach with significant experience partnering with organisations to deliver growth and realise their vision  His superpower is an unwavering belief in the potential of leaders, teams and companies combined with a relentless drive and the skills to realise that potential.

Strategy & Leadership Advisor

Phil Bolton

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Michael is an experienced coach, trainer, and private-practice psychotherapist who provides singular support to leaders at times of growth, transition or particular difficulty. He specialises in an expansive approach to coaching that creates change through structured, practical action, with a focus on empowering clients to take responsibility for their own growth.

Coach & Psychotherapist

Michael Toller

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Melissa is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and author who specialises in mental health at work. She equips companies and leaders to normalise & destigmatise conversations about mental health in the workplace and develop the mindset, language, and behavioural skills this requires. She also specialises in the psychology of team dynamics, emotional intelligence in leaders, and self-awareness in communication. Her deliveries are accessible, practical, and easily actionable.

Organisational Psychologist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist, & Mental Health at Work Specialist

Melissa Doman, M.A

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Partner Organizations


Kindred is a team of experienced strategy, leadership, organizational design and organizational effectiveness experts who work with purpose-driven companies to meet their changing surroundings, respond to today’s pace of technological change, and grow. Their work enables leaders to define their next normal, become human-centered and leave unproductive practices in the past.


Brink, a certified B-Corp, is an innovation practice made of psychologists, strategists, designers, creative thinkers and tech optimists. Through their multidisciplinary teams, they infuse an entrepreneurial sense of possibility with design thinking to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Influence At Work is a leading behavioral science consultancy headed by two of the world’s most recognized names in the field – Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.

They have been applying insights to deliver measurable impact for nearly 20 years. From reducing fare evasion on global transport networks, to influencing consumer behaviour for some of the world’s best-known restaurant brands. 

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Blacklight Advisory is a process-based specialist advisory team helping leaders of organizations diagnose complex problems and resolve them with material outcomes. They specialize in uncovering what goes on in organizations - often by shining a light on what is unconscious and hidden - in relation to issues of disruption, growth and in creating a global mindset.

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